How to Market Your Freight Dispatching Business in 2023

Freight dispatching can be very lucrative. I know because I grew my fortune as a freight dispatcher and went from earning $0 to $20,000 a month within just 8 weeks of starting my business. However, not every freight dispatcher has a success story like mine. That’s because the industry hasn’t updated their marketing methods for modern audiences, allowing hundreds of potential clients to slip through their fingers.

Rather than trying to use the same old tactics that clearly aren’t working, it’s high time we try something new. Inspired by other successful businesses, I’ve implemented new marketing techniques in my freight-dispatching business that have earned me millions. And you can too!

Why You’re Not Getting Freight Dispatch Clients

In the past, the best way to reach owner-operators and land freight dispatch clients was to head down to your local truck stop and hand out flyers or cold call buyers from a long list of potential leads. But these strategies just aren’t working anymore. 

Think about it: when was the last time you were convinced to buy something from someone handing out flyers or calling you out of the blue? Most people nowadays won’t even pick up the phone for an unknown number and will rarely take a stranger on the street seriously. 

The truth is that successful businesses don’t rely on these outdated methods anymore…at least not alone. There are cheaper, faster, and much more efficient ways of building a client base. Yet, freight dispatchers are still hanging onto these old ideas and inevitably lose out on thousands of dollars a year in revenue because of it.

Modernizing Your Freight Dispatching Marketing

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Most freight dispatching companies don’t even have a website, let alone social media accounts, which makes them practically invisible to the modern consumer. And even if they do, they’re not using them to their full potential. 

There’s a reason that most company’s out there post regularly on social media and push their audiences to ‘follow’ them with links and QR codes. First of all, today’s consumers expect to be able to find companies online, so being visible is important. And secondly, once a lead is part of their digital audience, it’s much easier to market to them and turn them into a paying client. 

You might think that modernizing your brand and building an online presence will take a lot of work or technological knowledge. But that’s not true. The benefit of the freight dispatching industry’s outdated methods is that there’s less competition for those of us who are willing to try something new. It only takes a few adjustments to your marketing strategy to make you exponentially more successful.

Getting Traction with Synchronized Marketing And Sales Methods (SMSM)

Synchronized marketing and sales methods (SMSM) are basically a complicated way of saying ‘give stuff away for free.’ Why would you give anything away when you’re trying to make money? Because it’s a very effective strategy for increasing sales, and one you’re probably more familiar with than you might think.

Have you ever tried samples at Costco and then bought a box for yourself? Signed up for a trial of a service and then purchased the full membership? Or read an excerpt of a book online and ended up buying it? If you have, then you know how enticing synchronized marketing and sales methods can be.

Think about the way you felt when you got your free gift or sample. It probably made it seem like you were getting a good deal, right? Even if what you were getting wasn’t really worth much. A free month of a subscription doesn’t cost the company anything, but it result in more profits by showing customers that the service is worth spending their money on.  

You can apply the same ideas to your freight dispatching business by giving away free content. Not only will this make your social media pages and website more interesting, but it will also come with a whole host of other benefits:

  • Expertise: By talking about the industry, you’ll show potential customers how knowledgeable you are about what you do.
  • Engagement: Content attracts leads to visit your website/social media pages more often.
  • Reach: The more posts, pages, and content you produce, the more opportunities you have to land leads.
  • Personalization: Your personality will naturally shine through in your content. When potential customers get to know you as a person rather than just a brand, they’ll trust you more.
  • Emotional Connection: Content allows you to connect with people. The more that people connect with a company, the more likely they are to be loyal customers.
  • Sympathy: If you show potential customers that you understand their problems and have the solutions for them, they’ll be convinced to work with you.
  • Confidence: By giving your knowledge away for free, you show that you’re confident in what you have to offer and that you have a lot more in store should someone hire you.
  • Value: Even though what you’re offering isn’t actually a product, it’ll still make clients feel like they’ve gotten a better deal than if they were to only get paid services.

If you look at other businesses outside of freight dispatching, you’ll notice that most are using this type of strategy and offering free content or products to get their customer base excited about their offerings. They might still use paid advertising or flyers in addition to these strategies, 

but because they have something to engage the leads they bring in, those campaigns are more successful. If a customer visits a website and sees only services, they might not stay long, but if they’re pulled in by free articles and videos, they’ll probably be more willing to stick around.

Examples of Synchronized Marketing and Sales Methods

Creating content for your customers doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are many great ways to create value for your customers for free with just a little time and effort:

  • Ebooks and PDFS
  • YouTube videos
  • Social media posts (text, video, images, or a combination)
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Email marketing/newsletters
  • Courses
  • Consultation Calls
  • A good old-fashioned conversation to introduce yourself and your services

The great thing about creating content online is that you can use it over and over. All you have to do is make sure that owner-operators can find it and use it to purchase services as easily as possible by decreasing your time to value.

Turning Leads Into Paying Clients by Decreasing Time to Value (TTV)

Success loves speed…and so do clients. Look at Amazon as an example. Back when Amazon was first started, it was a bookstore. Up until then, Barnes and Noble was the leader of the industry, but it didn’t hold a candle to Amazon…because Amazon served customers in fewer steps. 

To buy a book from Barnes and Noble, you have to locate your nearest store, drive there, search the shelves or ask an associate for help, check out, and drive home. But at Amazon, you just have to go to the website, search, and click ‘check out.’ Chances are your credit card information is already stored and ready to go. If you’ve purchased the book digitally, you can even read it immediately. 

With Amazon, buying a book takes no more than a few minutes and you don’t even have to leave the couch. It’s no wonder why people prefer the online store to the brick-and-mortar Barnes and Noble! It’s easy, quick, and hassle-free to get what you want, when you want it. 

You should consider this idea when promoting your services too. The more time and opportunities you give your customers to consider whether buying from you is the right choice, the more likely they’ll be to walk away or work with someone else. The quicker you can get them to be a part of your audience or sign a contract, the better. That’s what decreasing your time to value is all about; minimizing wait times and making it as easy as possible for clients to work with you.

Ways to Decrease Your Time To Value

To help leads become customers and up your sales in 2023, you should look for any ways in which you can decrease you time to value for customers:

  • Online contracts (eliminates printing, scanning, and physical signatures)
  • Using QR codes to attract clients to social media and websites
  • Offering content upfront (SMSM)

The goal is to make navigating your offerings and working with you as simple and quick as possible. The easier you make it to spend money, the more likely people will be to do so!

Start Marketing for 2023

Want to learn more about synchronized marketing and sales methods and decreasing your time to value? Ready to make $100,000 in 2023 with freight dispatching? Learn more about the best strategies for growing your business in my freight dispatching course or check out the free freight dispatch training materials and videos on my Facebook page and YouTube.

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